Why we have stopped Cash on Delivery

We are wholly aware that most people in our country like to pay cash when they can see the product in front of them. There is always an apprehension while trying a new brand- are they trying to scam us? What if I never receive the items I have ordered? For this reason alone, and to establish credibility, we allowed COD for all orders for over a year.
For all COD orders, we place confirmation calls, and once the customer confirms the order categorically, we ship the same. When you pay the delivery partner for your COD order, we get the money after 15 days from them.

However, despite a seemingly fool-proof process, we have been bleeding money on account of customers denying deliveries- simply because they think it is acceptable to do so. We spoke to several customers who denied taking deliveries despite confirmation calls, and the reasons will both amuse and infuriate anyone. Below are some of the most common responses.
1- The box seemed smaller than what I had ordered. -Unsurprisingly, shipping prices have increased 2x in the past 6 months due to fuel hikes. To optimise, we have had to make the packaging as lean as possible.

2- I ordered so many things, so I cancelled yours.- You could have asked us to cancel your order when we called to confirm. But you didn't.

3- The description on the shipping label was not everything I ordered. We can't tell shipping companies what to print on shipping labels. We don't ship things ourselves, we use a third party to do it for us.

So I am sorry if you don't trust us enough to place an order prepaid, perhaps sometime down the line when you see enough people using our products, you will feel comfortable placing a prepaid order.

Native Apothecary