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in May 4, 2022

Native Apothecary- The Brand
Native Apothecary (formerly The Happy Bathing Co- est. 2018) was started in September of 2021 after an endeavour to create a brand more relevant to the post-covid onset world — a no-frills Direct to Consumer brand with a focus on letting the highest quality ingredients shine through our products and become a brand more reliant on locally sourced materials- thus finding creative ways to get work done from small vendors (think footpath tailors, small available in western Uttar Pradesh and reducing the costing along the way.

 As a brand, we focus on the below three pillars-

  1. Product Offering- Highest quality, something for everyone and things that we would like to buy ourselves. Thats the marker for us.
  2. Customer Experience- We treat customers with the utmost willingness to please while being 100% honest, just the way we would like to be treated.
  3. Conscientious practices- Being a mother, I lay a lot of focus on- “is this good enough for a person with a baby?” If the answer is yes, then we roll with it.  I feel an extension to this practice is, “is what we are doing, sustainable? Is our future generation going to be thankful to us for what we are doing today or curse us for it?” This question is our guide in almost all the decisions we make.


Native Apothecary- The Business
We were always a responsible business, but we decided to go several steps further in our ethical practices. Some of the things we did are-

  • Plastic-free packaging- Going completely plastic-free in all our processes was a herculean task. In addition to making all of our packaging 100% plastic-free, we convinced all vendors- small and large to forego use of plastics in their packaging supplied to us. Small wins!
  • Responsible procurement- Firstly, we try to get the smallest vendors of various items, sellers who are struggling to make ends meet. They value our business and we value their unwavering dedication.  Secondly, we go the extra mile in research and source all our raw material from vendors closest to us- thus trying to reduce our carbon footprint.  For example, rather than importing our candle jars from China which a lot of bigger brands do, we get all our jars from the glass industry town of Firozabad and the wooden lids from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. 
  • Helping tribal farmers- All our natural dried flowers are sourced directly from the settlers of Nagaland and Mizoram

While we maybe doing quite a bit to be a fair and responsible brand, there is still a long way to go especially with our limited means.

Do you resonate with any of the above, or have suggestions on how we can improve further? Please comment or write to us at hello@nativeapothecary.in


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