Why Switch To Natural Skincare?

Why switch to natural skincare?

To some degree, we all are apprised of the fact that toxins are harmful to us. Whether we ingest it, inhale it or apply it. Why then are we still complacent when it comes to our skin? Why do we keep applying chemical laden lotions and shampoos onto our skin and scalp? Day in and day out we invest in branded skincare products without really realizing what they contain!

Did you know that our skin is the largest living organ?60% of what we apply on our skin gets absorbed into our blood stream.Therefore what we feed our skin, we feed the rest of our body. This is exactly why we must be mindful about the products we apply. The minute we understand the amount of chemicals that are found in a single beauty product we use, we realize how our beauty choices affect the rest of our health and wellbeing.

Majority of the products we buy off the shelf are made from harmful artificial substances that cause a huge detrimental effect on our body and its immune system. Although these products might please your nasal cavities doesn’t mean it’s meant to please your skin. At The Happy Bathing Co. we do not use ingredients that contain chemicals, parabens, propylene glycol, palm-oil, sodium lauryl sulphates or other harsh additives.These substances have even proved to be carcinogenic! We create small batches of our products at a time thereby making sure of its authenticity. All our products are natural and sourced ethically. Every product we create is cruelty free and comes with minimal packaging therefore committing kindness to the planet.

Every skin type benefits from natural skincare but natural products are especially favorable to people with skin sensitive issues. Irritated skin issues often arise due to artificial fragrances, sulphates and parabens present in these products. Switching to natural organic skin care will reduce the chances of skin flare ups as well as gently heal previously damaged skin. Organic skincare is less likely to even cause allergic reactions. Since these products contain anti-oxidants, natural moisturizers as well as active ingredients they’re 95% more effective then traditional skincare. Switching to an organic and natural skincare routine is not only good for you but the environment too!

Change your routine today! Switch to natural organic skincare and join thousands of others rediscovering the power of nature. With plenty of accessible and effective solutions why shouldn’t you make the switch? 

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