Pesky Preservatives

How often do you glance at the labels of your skincare products? The minuscule writing must surely give you a headache! Did you know that majority of the preservatives found in your bottled skincare products are highly toxic and even carcinogenic in the long run!

So what is a preservative?

Merriam Webster defines preservatives as “An additive used to protect against decay, discoloration, or spoilage.”

Preservatives with regards to cosmetics are ingredients added to skincare formulas to prevent the growth of yeast, bacteria and fungi. Any product that is formulated with water or has water content present in it needs a preservative. Mold, microbial growth and bacteria needs water to survive, and even if products are formulated in a sterile environment, contaminates eventually get in once it’s exposed to air or water. So, preservatives cannot be entirely avoided although what qualities of preservatives are used can be controlled.

It is estimated that nearly 90% of all cosmetic products contain one or more of the parabens preservatives. Shipping occurs from country to country and months may elapse till the final shipped product reaches a client. This period is fine since the product is airtight and sealed, but once opened, it is then susceptible to microbial growth and bacteria which can cause detrimental effects on skin when used. Without preservatives, products would be more perilous. While higher amounts of preservatives used during product formulations can lead to allergic reactions and harm skin especially if cut, using less preservatives can lead to the formation of pathogenic orgamisms that can be risky.  

Why must you avoid parabens and formaldehyde?

Two common preservatives used widely in cosmetics and personal care products are parabens and formaldehyde. Studies have linked parabens to breast cancer due to their presence in breast cancer tumors. According to scientific studies conducted, parabens can be stored by our body resulting in a cumulative effect that can cause adverse effects on our health and well-being. Formaldehyde releasing preservatives are not used as much in skincare formulations but still have a spectre of carcinogenic properties linked to them. The international agency for research on cancer (ICAR) classifies formaldehyde as a human carcinogen.

Lucky for you, at The Happy Bathing Co. we do not use chemicals, harsh additives or preservatives like parabens and formaldehyde! We carefully formulate our products with food grade preservatives and ensure that the products you receive are skin loving and safe. Rest assured, every product you order has been created keeping your best interests at heart! So next time you’re shopping for your personal care, don’t forget to check the labels or even better, make the switch! Choose handmade and go natural!

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