Happy Holi!

Holi hai! 
We're all pepped up for Holi 2019 but remember, don't neglect your skin and hair!  Holi, a festival that's more than just vibrant colours is unequivocally one of the most joyous festivals in the world. The triumph of good over all things evil; a festival that symbolises faith to all. The spirit of Holi is celebrated by people of all Faiths and beliefs! The colors of spring signify joy amongst loved ones. Thre's alot more to this festival of colors than just bhaang and rave parties.  Fond memories grow over the years. Families come together and celebrate colors and not to forget, sweets! 
But all good things come with their own set of problems! Using natural toxic free powder colors are in trend now. But did you know, no matter how natural or safe they claim to be, they do have devastating effects on your hair, eyes and skin and cause some degree of irritation. But keep calm, all this can be avoided in a few easy steps! 
Pre Holi Routine
Apply a coat of nail-paint! 
Save your pretty cuticles from staining and paint them a fun chic shade! Men, y'all could opt for some transparent nail-paint. Definitely saves you from stained fingers nails. 
Oil your body! 
Massage your skin with some good ol coconut oil or a body oil and protect your skin from absorbing too much or color. This not only hydrates your skin but it shields it as well! 
Oil those tresses! 
Oil your hair a day prior! Let your tresses soak up some oil. The oil penetrates your hair shaft and nourishes it as well as protects it from all that synthetic! 
Moisturize and sun shield your skin!
Lotion up! Literally apply some lotion and your favorite waterproof sunscreen! ( We highly recommend you opt for a reef friendly sunscreen. Don't forget the turtles.) This will lower your chances of tanning too much. It's not everyday we habe fun under the sun. 
Protect your eyes!
Apply a coat of Vaseline around your eyes or some baby oil. 
Holi Routine.
STAY HYDRATED! Drink ample amounts of water to avoid lethargy. The consumption of fried foods can invite mr bob. Nobody likes our face visited by Bob. So make sure you stay hydrated. Snack on some fruits and keep your belly happy. 
Post Holi.
Despite following all our precautions, if Mr Bob does visit, we got you covered! If you've ordered our orange peel de-tan bars, exfoliate your skin gently as soon as your done playing. Rinse up! You don't want those colors settling on your skin for long. Our de-tan bars won't just exfoliate your skin but will help fight acne too! (If you haven't stocked up, we highly suggest you do. We ship between 4-5 days.)  
Shampoo your hair thoroughly. Rinse twice and repeat. 
Use a detoxifying mask. Get rid of the baddies and detox your skin! Apply our turmeric masks for a good 10 minutes and rinse well! 
Rinse your body with some warm water infused with dhaak/tesu, flame of the forest flowers that are widely available this season. This helps rinse off toxins, detoxes your body and also has immense skin benefits! 
Take our cues and notice visibly healthy skin post Holi! 
The Happy Bathing Co. Wishes one and all a pleasant Holi! We hope this festival of love and colors bring you immense joy and prosperity! 

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